01About me

Hello on this fine evening. I'm Prentice. I do UX. Human beings are tricky creatures that do silly things, so I study them and design effective interfaces for commercial gain.

I live and work in Singapore with some amazing people, and some real lunatics.

I come from New Zealand. Lots of sheep there.

I love Dragonball Z despite my age. Photography too. Music, art, literature and all things important finished in the 1960's. I dislike crowds, facebook, tax, awards, McDonald’s, MTV, holidays on small islands, being hungry and all words ending in “ist”.

I began my design career when I was 9 by replicating bus tickets.

I don’t believe in making "meaningful experiences”; they only happen away from a screen.

I just do online business.

Let’s talk...

If you want to get in touch, say something nice or send me abuse, I welcome everything. Contact me.